Fast Cash

How does it work? No Credit Checks, No Hassles. Our loans are collateral based so we will never run a credit check. Bring in an item you are willing to let us hold in our safe and secure storage area and you can walk out the door with a percentage of your items value in cash.

How long does it take? When we say fast we mean fast! A few minutes is usually all it takes to have you on your way. Then when you are ready to redeem your item you can come back anytime and pay back the loan plus the interest and be on your way. You have up to 90 days to come reclaim your item before it defaults, but early redemption is available and you can always extend the loan at any time by paying one month's interest.

Need more cash? You can pawn as many items as you like at a time. Each item is a different transaction so if you run into a situation where you need more cash than you expected, bring something else in and get another loan.

What if I can’t get an item back? If you decide you don’t want to redeem an item that is ok too and we are happy to continue to do business with you even after a default. The pledged item would then become ours to sell and the loan would be considered paid in full once we take ownership of the item (default occurs automatically once the loan is a full 90 days behind on payments).

What can I get a loan on? Almost anything. We want to help and can be very creative in finding a way to get cash into your hands. Some common items used as collateral include jewelry, guns, gold and silver, motorcycles, musical instruments, televisions, laptops, tools, electronics and almost anything of value that we can legally deal in.